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Stray Dogs, Moving Cars, Random Barks !

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Every time a stray dog lunges at a moving car and barks ferociously, the driver is not expected to stop his car and ‘shoo’ the dog off. If he does so, he will never reach his destination.

Dogs are social creatures and when they feel lonely they just pass their time simply by barking whilst chasing vehicles. This kills their boredom and makes them feel happy.Sometimes out of boredom the stray dogs chase something that is getting away from it playing an exciting self-game to pass the time. What else will they do all day long, say Vet experts ???

Dogs suddenly bark at nothing apparent. But the Veterinary Almanac says it is quite natural an animal instinct. Just ignore and keep driving on.

Dogs are very inquisitive in nature and an approaching vehicle perks up their instincts and urges them to chase the fast vehicles, suddenly. Sometimes, the stray dogs are scared of sounds & intrusion.

Often dogs self define their territory. They believe that a certain self defined territory marked in their mind, belongs solely & absolutely to them. They mark their boundary by urinating around it.They thus feel intruded upon when others enter that territory. The stray feels like it’s kingdom is conquered by the transgressor. Mindless attack follows, barking used more to scare away.

In Corporate World , it is called ‘siloed’ behaviour.

Dogs are so much like people. Some people are also so much like dogs. But whenever you encounter them – people or such barking dogs, ignore them. Just drive on.

Ignoring and conniving are the known strategies to handle those stray barking dogs when you are driving past.

And don’t you get out of the car and run behind the stray dog with a stick in your hand. The stray dog is stray but seeing you, the people will believe you are rabid !

Wondering why this piece is sounding so familiar to you ??? Well, well. This piece is about stray dogs. Resemblances, if any, may only be coincidental. Similarity drawn by you in your mind with some living people is called your ‘associated triggered experience’ !

Don’t blame me for that.

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