Strengths-based Career Conversations

Source |  |  BY:Ryan Barretto, India’s 1st Strengths Strategy Certified Coach, HR Consultant & Corporate Trainer

A #career conversation is simply a discussion between an employee and his or her manager that supports the employee in defining career goals within the organization and developing an action plan for achieving these goals.

Some organizations have incorporated this within their performance management process with a form of structure. This can lead to an engaged workforce (other things being equal – as an economist would say) with great prospects to retain the employees. As you may be aware, the performance management process in most organizations is used to identify areas of weakness, improvement or development. The term ‘development’ is sometimes understood and articulated as a deficiency or a lack of something (such as a Training / Development Need). This results in a marked tendency to treat ‘development’ as ‘fixing’ the employee’s personality and performance, rather than enhancing it.


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