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Success isn’t a solo project: How to discover your allies and role models

Source | LinkedIn | Felicia Day | Actor, Writer, Producer

There’s a theory in astronomy called the Drake equation that tries to figure out the exact odds we’re not alone in the universe. I’m not going to type it out and scare anyone, but basically it takes the number of stars born per year (Grats! It’s a brown dwarf!) and multiplies that by a fraction of increasingly improbable odds of the number of habitable planets, planets that have life, intelligent life, life that can COMMUNICATE, and finally the length of time that it takes for a society to survive and develop the means to communicate with other planets. Whew. The number gets small, guys. Like, decimal and lots of zeroes small. BUT . . . it’s always nonzero!

The equation can’t guarantee that we’ll ever encounter alien life. And the results can vary depending on the numbers you put in, none of which are one hundred percent accurate. Yay, science? But as for ourselves and our own creativity? Felicia’s Equation DEFINITELY says we are NOT alone! One hundred percent verified! By me! While I’m typing this!

There are untold numbers of people in the world who are ready to encourage, inspire, and cheer us on. We’ve sent enough restraining orders out in the enemies section; let’s counterbalance that with some nice thank-you cards now!

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