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Successful People are not Smarter Than You! Here is why–

By | millionairex101 |

Although successful people have a lot of intellectual activity, thinking they are brighter than you are a defeating mindset. Being clever and being successful have nothing to do with each other. This is because many intelligent individuals are employees and live ordinarily.

Also, many highly successful individuals are foolish. The issue is, if these people are not particularly brilliant, how did they become so successful? Successful people are not necessarily more intelligent than you but do some things differently. Here is why–

Being smart once

The only thing successful people do differently is try again and again instead of clinging to past achievements. Previous performance is not a dependable predictor of future outcomes.

Some people still stay in their past. They berate themselves by inventing toxic thoughts about what intelligence entails. They believe they are insufficiently motivated and incapable of achieving a task. They get the impact that successful people are usually smart in all areas. They make the right decisions and know what to do, say, and whom to connect with. They allow in their preceding failures, blaming themselves for squandering their opportunities.

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