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All of a sudden — I am a CEO of a company with 2600 employees

Source | LinkedIn : By Yuriko Hirota

Less than one week ago, I was an ordinary twenty-year-old girl, living an ordinary life in Tokyo.

Then, here I am right now being the CEO for One Month at Adecco Japan, standing right next to the CEO himself, Mr. Kenichiro Kawasaki.

How does it really feel like for a normal twenty-year-old girl to be a CEO of a big company in Tokyo?

1. Overwhelmed…

When I heard that I am chosen to be CEO for One Month at the local boot camp, I was overwhelmed, to be honest. I thought that, to be a CEO, I had to be more than what I am. After all, I am an ordinary university student with no professional experience.

However, what the CEO of Adecco Japan, Mr. Kawasaki, said to me on the first day changed my mindset completely:

“Don’t let your background hold you back.”

Not one person is born a CEO. How do they become one? For me, by doing what I can step by step, with honesty, challenge spirit and hard work. I am still learning to be a CEO, and guess what? That’s okay.

2. Thrilled!

CEO for One Month, for me, is a life-changing experience. As a university student, I have never had any chance to really communicate with the people working in a company.

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