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How To Tackle Problems In Life & Achieve Success? Hans Dalal

Source | Youtube : Josh Talks

Hans Dalal is one of the most renowned wildlife conservation activists from India – and the founder of Wildlife NGO Prowl.

Hans overcame Cerebral Palsy & gave up a stable job as a sound engineer to take up his passion for wildlife conservation full-time. In this extremely motivational Josh Talk, Hans talks about how he let his truest passion decide his course for life – and how each one of us can contribute to a cause we are passionate about in a million different ways, only if we care enough. Watch on to get motivated.

This talk was recorded at Josh Talks Mumbai 2018. Makeup And Hair by Sushma Gohil.

Instagram handle: @makeupby_sushmagohil

Josh Talks collects and curates the most inspiring stories of India and provides a platform to showcase them. Speakers from diverse backgrounds are invited to share their stories, highlighting the challenges they overcame, on their journey to success and realizing their true calling.

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