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“Take care of your employees, or your competitors will !” Brigette Hyacinth

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When a new employee starts, we as managers already have their loyalty for hiring them, for giving them a chance. New starters come with enthusiasm, energy and readiness to move mountains.

That loyalty and enthusiasm can fizzle out quickly.

We lose loyalty if we do not understand what it is

Loyalty is “about showing up, being on time, being reliable, doing what you say you’re going to do, being trustworthy, putting in a fair day’s work, respecting the work, respecting the customer, respecting the organization, respecting co-workers, not wasting time, not making work hard for other people, not creating unnecessary work for other people, not being a bottleneck, not faking work.” Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp

It is about telling us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.


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