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Take The Quiz: Is Your Boss A Leader — Or A Wimp?

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

When I got promoted to my first supervisory job, I was 20. My boss said “You’re getting promoted. You get a 50-cent-an-hour raise.” I asked her “What is my new job?”

“It’s pretty much the same job you have now,” she said, “except that you will help the other customer service reps with tough questions and you’ll interview new hires and teach them how to do the job.”

That was our whole conversation. Nobody said a word about things every supervisor should know, from the basics of employment law to conflict resolution and other interpersonal communication topics.

Nobody told me that being a supervisor means standing up for your team members when they are at risk of being mistreated in the corporate machinery. I had to figure out that part of the job on my own.

My situation was not unusual then and it’s not uncommon now.

Nobody teaches most new supervisors how to lead, but if they are awake and paying attention they will learn these things anyway. Eventually new leaders find their backbone and their voice, and speak up when it’s called for.

Some of them never learn. They skulk in the shadows, following orders and trying to convince themselves that being a manager doesn’t require them to step up and confront their own fears — but it does.

Your boss is either a strong leader by now or a wimpy ‘yes man’ or ‘yes woman’ without a functioning leadership bone in their body.

You deserve to work for a real leader, not a wimpy wuss. Take the quiz to find out which kind of boss you’ve got!

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