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What It Takes to Be #1: Vince Lombardi on Leadership (Management & Leadership)

This is the first step-by-step guide on how anyone can develop Lombardi-like leadership skills – now in paperback! Legendary coach Vince Lombardi – loved by some, feared by others, but respected by all – was first and foremost a winner. His unparalleled ability to inspire greatness, and mold disparate groups of individuals into dominating championship teams, made Lombardi an icon both on and off the playing field. In “What It Takes to Be #1”, the one person who could truly understand Vince Lombardi’s unrelenting passion for winning – his son, acclaimed writer and professional speaker Vince Lombardi Jr. – explores the fundamental leadership qualities that Vince Lombardi considered essential to success, then shows how anyone can skillfully apply those qualities to achieve breakthrough success in virtually any endeavor.Praise for “What It Takes to Be #1”: ‘[Vince Lombardi Jr.] distills the substance of the famous coach’s utterances and his living example into lessons that anyone can use to become a better leader and better person…[ “What It Takes To Be #1”] may inspire you to start a process of self-discovery that could enrich your life and make you more effective at whatever you do’ – ‘Fort Worth Morning Star’. ‘Interpreting his father’s advice for businesspeople, Lombardi hangs this book on the framework of the famous coach’s much repeated speech on leadership…the basic “winning model” says to know yourself, build your character, earn your stripes, think big picture, and understand that leaders are made, not born’ – “The Business Reader”.


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