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Why Taking a Thinking Day is So Important in the Age of Distraction

Source |  |  BY:Rober B Tucker President Innovation Resource 

Can’t believe how excited I am to be taking a “Doug Day” later this month. I’m going to head up the California coast to a campground resort that rents out a few safari tents to people like me. Perfect for the rustic, away-from-it-all environment that always gets my creative juices flowing. Sure, I’ll admit that I’m anxious to be leaving behind piles of work and a looming travel schedule that extends through the holidays. But I’ve got to get away. All the more reason that my Doug Day is on the calendar, and I’m not bailing.

If you’ve participated in one of our workshops or heard me speak, you may recall that I asked you to seriously consider taking day out of your routine to think about your life, your career, and your business. I almost always talk about Doug Days on the lecture trail these days because clients request that I do.

The other day after I spoke at a conference in Austin, Texas, a man came up to me and said he’d heard me speak about Doug Days some months before at a conference in Pennsylvania. Inspired, he’d rented a convertible and was about to embark on a driving Doug Day across Texas. A gathering of Chevron’s top IT people reported that the Doug Day concept played out throughout their conference, “hey, you need a Brenda Day,” or “I’ve got to take my Steve Day.”

So, you’re probably wondering: who is this Doug guy? And why does he get a day named after him? The idea came from a man named Doug Greene, founder and chairman of New Hope Communications, and a pioneer in the natural foods arena. When I interviewed Doug for the book, Winning the Innovation Game, I was trying to understand how people like Doug came up with really cool ideas. Here’s what Doug said:


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