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Talent Modeling and Employee Performance

By | Aniket Saksena |

The McKinsey 9 Box Talent Matrix


Does the 9 box grid matrix really work in assessing talent and performance management?

Where and why do organizations fail in assessing employee performance?

And how can they harness the true potential and worth of employees?

 Startup Best Practices 11 - The 9 Box Matrix Talent Model employee performance

Since the McKinsey 9 box matrix was developed in the late 1960s, most of the world’s leading companies have utilized it as a strategic tool to evaluate employee performance.

Besides, the model has been heavily applied for the purpose of succession planning in companies such as General Electric, General Motors and McDonalds. Most importantly, the McKinsey model has been singled out for its simplicity because employees are ranged to fit into one of the nine matrix boxes; three denoting performance ratings, and three reflecting the levels of potential.

However, research on potential and employee performance has indicated that, most of the employees that rank highly on potential tend to be poor performers.

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