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Talking Galleries Notice Board Series with Abhijit Bhaduri / Episode 1

Source | YouTube | HRKatha

Notice Board is our weekly broadcast on the latest news and trends in the HR industry. In this episode, Abhijit Bhaduri talks about a story, that’s trending on HRKatha, the rights and wrongs about job hopping, a panel discussion at XLRI on gig economy of which he was a part, and also about a Tata Steel practice that allows its maintenance engineers to take a sabbatical and work on other projects within and also outside the company during a dull period.

Abhijit Bhaduri is a digital transformation coach and author of The Digital Tsunami. With more than 840,000 followers on social media, he is one of the most followed influencers on Talent Management and the Future of Work. His upcoming book is called Dreamers and Unicorns. HRKatha is a leading news portal and a monthly magazine on people practices and employer-employee relationship.

Republished with permission from Abhijit Bhaduri and originally published at HRKhatha



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