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TALKING HEADS: HR as a Source of Value | DAVE ULRICH & CHRO of Lego Group, LOREN SHUSTER

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Join Dave Ulrich at The HR Congress 2019 today:

It’s quite easy to get a bit wrapped up in process, strategy, internal dynamics, and industry-specific discussions. HR professionals, like all business professionals, understand that times are changing extremely quickly – and yet the principles for success remain relatively simple. As businesses evolve to become more decentralized, agile, culturally invigorated, and adaptive, it’s obvious that HR has a lot to consider. To cut through some of the noise surrounding these big topics, the Talking Heads session is a platform to exchange earnest ideas on how HR can become a strategic part of the business and enable success.

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As the HR function begins to look like something completely different to what many have become previously accustomed, it’s time to think about how HR can transcend the organization, and forge a whole new conception of business success. From helping people to achieve personal growth and meaning, through to building employment practices that contribute to wider social and economic improvement; it’s time to get excited about where HR is heading, and the leaders who are going to help guide the way!


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