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Team Productivity: Striking a Balance Between Being a Boss and Friend

Source | Linkedin  |By|John Rampton

Numerous research projects have found that having friends at work is a good thing. Science has found that meaningful friendships in the workplace have benefits like increased emotional well-being, trust, and loyalty. It’s also good for you physically. Making and keeping workplace friends will reduce stress and anxiety and increase your productivity. Your career friendships lead to more candid feedback, a greater sense of belonging, and improved teamwork and collaboration.

Of course, if you’ve ever watched The Office, you know there’s a vast difference between the relationship with Jim and Pam, and those two have a different relationship with Micheal. The friendship between Jim and Pam is organic. But, the relationship with Michael, it’s the opposite. The Michael connection is unnatural and awkward. But, that’s what makes him both a great leader — and yet, a terrible leader.

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