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Tech CEO Reveals Red Flags To Look Out For That Mean You Are About To Get Fired

By | Rokas Laurinavičius | Gabija Palšytė |

If you suspect your boss is planning to fire you, TikToker Theresa Sue Mubenga shared the main signs to look for at work in order to find out if the thought is actually running through their mind.

Mubenga has acquired this knowledge over nine years in the corporate world, during which she has also been running a tech company.

“I’ve been in the professional sports tech sector for close to a decade just truly learning all about corporate,” she told Bored Panda.

“I always had ambitions to run my own firm, where I can look at corporations differently rather than as an employee or participant. Taking what I’ve learned, I consult corporations and people on how to navigate the tech space.”

Of course, being let go is not something we want to dwell on, but it’s definitely a situation we’d like to foresee. Especially in such uncertain times.

“I only speak on things that people have a hard time facing or addressing but we all share similar experiences. I’m just a vessel of expression.”

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