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Emerging technology is keyword: Demand for experts in robotics & big data up 50%

Source | The Economic Times : By Prachi Verma

NEW DELHI: Software jobs are still pretty lucrative: Only that robotics, artificial intelligence and Big Data now rake in the money, while mature application services sink fast in the pronounced migration of value toward emerging technologies.

Initially built around cost benefits and an improving telecom infrastructure that would allow Indians to follow the US workday, technology is now battling a sweeping wave of de-globalization and automation: Emerging technologies where talent is scarce will likely be the winners when valuemigration is complete, according to hiring and compensation data.

At least five search firms and HR heads at technology companies told ET that the demand for professionals with expertise in robotics, machine learning, artificial learning and data science has increased by up to 50% over the last year. Hirings at the top end of the technology spectrum will replace jobs that are repetitive in structure and content, creating a recruitment market premised largely on emerging technologies.

“While low-skilled jobs will drop by 30%, automation is expected to increase the middle-skilled jobs by 8% and high-skilled recruitments will rise by 56%,” said Debashis Patnaik, senior director, human resources, Dell EMC. Mid-level professionals with at least 12 years of experience are drawing salaries between Rs 40 lakh and Rs 90 lakh in emerging technologies. The pay packets go up to a few crores for domain specialists at senior levels.

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