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Tech gigs: Having this skillset will make you most wanted in the IT sector

More IT firms are hiring gig workers amid the current volatile business environment, with 6 out of 10 organizations preferring to employ contract-based professionals. As per Awign, a leading work-as-a-service platform, there is a high demand for gig workers in tech roles such as Java developers, mobile app developers, data engineers, front-end developers, and cloud architects/engineers

Source | | Debleena Majumdar, ET Online

A recent article in The Economic Times highlighted that more IT companies are today turning to gig workers in the current uncertain business environment. Data from CIEL HR’s research pegged gig job growth at 40% versus permanent job growth at 5%, with 6 out of 10 companies opting to hire gig workers.

For those exploring these gig opportunities, what are some of the most in-demand roles?

Awign, a leading work-as-a-service platform, has identified the top 5 tech gig roles that are in high demand.

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