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Techniques to increase productivity while working from home

Tips to increase your productivity even at home. Take a break, be patient, dress for work, and make a schedule for yourself

By | Alisha Jones | Online Entrepreneur


Since March of 2020, the whole world got accustomed to the concept of Work From Home. Sitting at home infront of a laptop or computer and working at your own convenience sounds like a great environment to work in, with no nagging bosses or annoying co-workers to disturb you. Though there is a mixed opinion about it. Some people like it while some hate it. But companies are doing their best to help the employees deal with the work from home situation.

On a positive note, it has been seen that with a work from the home situation, there are a lot of benefits attached to it. Such as:

  1. A better work-life balance is created
  2. No stress of travelling
  3. Not bound to a particular location
  4. Companies are becoming more diverse and inclusive
  5. A positive effect on the environment due to less pollution
  6. Employees can customize their workspace.

Even with such positive impacts of work from home environment, there is always a scope to increase your productivity to your satisfaction. Some techniques through which productivity can be increased are.

1.     Set a schedule for yourself

Due to the pandemic, all our daily routines got hampered. With a wobbly schedule, it gets tough to go about in a day.  Working at home is a lot different from working in an office. The strict adherence to timely arrival and departure gets thrown out of the window when working from home. So to increase your productivity at home, set a schedule at home for everything on a daily basis, from work to home chores to a little me-time; schedule everything to properly maintain a work-life balance.

2.     Dress for work

You might think there is no point in dressing up at home, as no one is going to see you other than your dog and cat with a judgemental look. But trust me, you will hardly feel productive in your pyjamas. Putting on a fresh outfit will give you a refreshing feeling to work better.

3.     Be Connected

In a normal office setting, you probably had to attend meetings in a face-to-face mode with your seniors and clients, but now since it is in a virtual mode on Zoom or Gmeet. But that shouldn’t make it boring for you. Stay connected and attentive to motivate yourself to feel normal again.

Chatting with your colleagues is surely a miss due to this virtual and online team meeting doesn’t add up to the real experience. So check in with them over the phone or text whenever you can to stay updated with them.

4.     Take a break

Working from home makes you sit around a lot more than usual. This can make you lazier than you were before or is definitely not helping you lose the weight you have gained. So get up, and take a 5-10 mins break whenever you can, it is important to help you pull long hours. Read more: Blogger Outreach, Viacon, Seo Growth Engine, Red Hat Media, The Legal Guides, The Dating Dairy.

5.     Customize a workspace

Working at home can be interrupted due to a lot of disturbance all around. Maybe your mother is cooking and yelling at the maid at the same time; your father is watching tv at a loud volume. You can’t work among all that disturbance. So you need to find an isolated place in the house where you can set up a workspace for yourself with less and less disturbance.

6.     Do a soundcheck

If you live alone, then your home will be way too quiet to work in and eventually, you will get bored. Then what you can do is turn on a little music from your favourite artist and groove to that music as you work. But if it’s the opposite and you have a big family, and it is too noisy to work in, then just put on some headphones and close the door of your room(if your mom lets you too) and play some music to cancel out the noise outside. You first need to decide what type of work environment you would like to have and improvise accordingly.

7.     Patience is the key

During these uncertain times, feeling stressed out and irritated is very obvious. So try to stay as patient as you can. With yourself, your colleagues, and your bosses. Not only with them, try to be patient with your family members as well as your neighbours. Being overwhelmed and angry won’t do you any good, and neither your surroundings. Read more: Lawyers Note, Lawyers Inventory, iDream Agency, Australian Scoop, Universal Australia, UAE Universe, UAE Today, UK Opedia, UK Inspiration, Blog Management.


This working from home is a relatively new experience for the majority o the population, so we have no other option but to deal with it as much as physically possible by us. But still giving our best in this situation can also be achieved if you give yourself and your job an equal amount of priority.

Author Bio:

Alisha Jones is an online entrepreneur by profession and a passionate blogger by heart. She is on a mission to help digital businesses grow online. She shares her journey, insights, and experiences at The Bitcoin Magazine, Essay Writing Guides.

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