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Technological Challenges and Opportunities for HR in 2021

By | Sheetal Kamble | Content Analyst

The recent pandemic has changed the complete paradigm into a whole new dimension. It is a big challenge for business HR leaders to adapt to the change and implement strategies to achieve the same productivity. Organizations need to ensure proper communication to make remote work more efficient. HR software will help to overcome many challenges and turn them into opportunities.

All the businesses can utilize this time to get their hands on the latest technology to track attendance, pay employees, and maintain the workforce. In this article, we will look into the technological challenges and opportunities for HR in 2021.


There are robust tools in the market that enhance the process of the HR professional. Following are the opportunities to look for in 2021:

  • Artificial Intelligence:

Integration of AI has helped many businesses in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. The HR processes are faster to review, filter, and hire through a large number of resumes. AI can analyze the market, match the relevant skills, and identify the weak spots. The best HR software will have artificial intelligence tools in it to make it robust.

AI chatbots can answer the queries of the employees and prospects to reduce the workload on them. It also facilitates training and development. It helps the workforce to draft a customized module for each employee depending on their needs.

  • Self-Serve Kiosks:

The HR department already has their schedule busy with recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and other valuable tasks. It does not make any sense to increase their workload with simple things that employees can take care of themselves. The HR software helps the resources to update, edit, and manage their information.

Self-serve kiosks will help the HR team in the following ways:

  • Access and download the salary slips.
  • Check, apply, and print the benefits, rewards, and tax information.
  • Update personal details.
  • Leave management.

Self-serve helps organizations to convey changes in the benefits program, company holidays, and other necessary information.


The HR department is responsible for answering both business leaders and the workforce. For any technological investment, your HR department should consider a remote working workforce and the employees that have to be on-premises. Following are the challenges that the HR team might face in the upcoming years:

  • Recruiting and Sustaining Employees:

Any business must recognize and recruit the best talent according to the job requirements that need urgent attention. There is a gap between the industry needs and the skillsets of the workforce.

Recruitment is just the tip of the iceberg; the actual challenge is to retain the best employees. The best way to overcome this challenge is to improve employee engagement and motivate them.

  • Finding the Right Fit:

The HR department should have a tailored application tracking system in place for successful recruitment. This technology has an algorithm that the most eligible resource does not get lost in the crowd. The best talents can have the best skillsets, but they must find the best fit for the company culture.

  • Need for Faster Decision Making:

Today’s world is agile and data-driven. The recent pandemic has shown the world the agility of the economy. The shift in the economy has brought a change in the working environment. It is a challenge for the HR team to adapt to change; its impact and draft an effective strategy to continue work in the same productive manner. The Hr software will help business HR leaders to make data-driven decisions.


The future is ever-evolving humans will find a way to accept the change and adapt to the new normal. The HR department will play a vital role in maintaining a happy workforce irrespective of the rapid changes like remote working and on-premises work. The HR department should identify the challenges and implement opportunities to overcome them.

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As the technology counter’s content analyst, Sheetal likes to simplify complex HR and payroll processes. She has her forte in employee engagement initiatives and helps to choose the Best HR Software which suits your business. Other than a passion for technology, she is also passionate about photography and food

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