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Technology is dehumanising us and that’s worrying nobody

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The Swiggy delivery person rings the bell and delivers the food parcel.

The hungry and impatient generation opens the door, just grabs the packet, shuts the door and dives into the food packet faster than a PV Sindhu smash.

The receiver exchanges no warm pleasantries with the delivery person. The door is shut in 3 seconds.

What worries me more is that even these delivery folks don’t wait to exchange pleasantries as they’re in a rush to deliver the next. 

In the long run, will all this lower the expectations of human kindness?

In the good old days, when some one helped us, we offered a glass of water, even enquired if the weather was hot and sometimes asked how was the day. 

As technology puts more power into consumers’ hands and raises our expectations, humans seem to be turning more impatient. “I need the Uber, Ola in 5 minutes”, I need dinner delivered in 30 minutes (If it’s pizza, then it’s 29 minutes only). Not long ago, we talked about “impatient kids” who wanted the lollipop now!  Now, we are dealing with an impatient generation of adults.

I saw a young man trying to downgrade the feedback ratings at a More Supermarket because the girl at the counter took a few seconds more than usual to settle the change. People cancel cabs, quit making a payment on an app, leave restaurants in a huff if things are a bit slow. It all seems surreal. 

We don’t wait for answers, we google it. 

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