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How technology, millennials and gig economy will make HR obsolete

Source | : By Saumya Bhattacharya

Is human resources (HR) in trouble? Will technology replace people in HR? Will artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation change how it functions — from hiring to managing people? At a time when a Tesla Roadster is hurtling through space, it is difficult to predict the effect of technology. But there are indications that workplace will fast-forward to a future where HR will cease to be what it is.

The transformation of HR is at a nascent stage now. But organisations will soon be forced to adapt and those who do not will lose favour with potential employees. More than a dozen of India’s top HR practitioners that ET Magazine spoke to say technology is making inroads but HR is not obsolete yet.

Michael Bazigos, MD & global leader for talent and organisational analytics, Accenture Strategy, says: “There is a need for HR to change faster than it did in the past. Many HR leaders are cognizant of this. With technology and big data coming into play, the whole focus is on using experience-based moments that matter for employees, rather than having a very functional, policy-driven view.”

Here are a few indications of how HR is changing. Employees in their 40s perceive HR as just a department they have to deal with at the time of joining or leaving an organisation. It lays out processes for performance appraisal, leave policies, internal job openings and celebrations at workplace. There isn’t a constant engagement;the connect is more transactional. Over the past few years, this part of transactional HR has been disrupted.

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Whats Changing

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