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Ten Differences Between A Strong Leader — And A Weak Manager

Source | | Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I work for a credit union. I like my job except for one thing. My own manager “Allie” is very nice.

The problem is that another manager, “Cindy,” gives me a hard time for no reason. She criticizes my work and that of my coworkers. Sometimes she does it right in front of my boss Allie.

Allie doesn’t say a word.

Allie is very supportive and kind, but she doesn’t stand up for me or my co-workers when Cindy bashes us unfairly. We have talked to Allie about it, but she only says “Part of having a job is dealing with different kinds of people, including people like Cindy.”

Cindy is a hateful, insecure person whose own employees can’t stand her. The only reason Cindy comes over to our department to pick at our work is because her employees either ignore her or tell her to stuff it.

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