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Ten great (and timeless) Leadership Articles

By | Patrick |

2023 update: If Leadership at your company is considering layoffs as a way to cut costs we suggest exploring how employee ideas can save your corporation money. In this Continuous Improvement case study (link) you can see how just a handful of ideas saved one location $360,000.

If there’s one good thing about the digital age, it’s that the internet brings everything to you. Gone are the days of attending conference after conference to learn better management procedures. Now, you can read about it in the comfort of your own home or office. To help you get started in your education, we’ve listed (in no particular order) ten articles on leadership from the greats that came before you.

1) Jack Welch on How to Manage Employees

According to Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, a company’s greatest asset is its team. “This whole game of business revolves around one thing,” he said at New York’s World Business Forum in 2012. “You build the best team, you win.” Author Nadia Goodman outlines some of Jack Welch’s favorite management tips from that conference. Click here for the full article…

2) Will the corporation survive?

Peter Drucker is considered the founder of modern management. During his storied life, Drucker wrote 39 books including his 811-page, opus, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices from 1973. More recently (2001), Drucker wrote a shorter, albeit still excellent, nine-page introduction to his way of thinking for The Economist. The article is aptly entitled, Will the Corporation Survive? Click here for the full article…

3) What Bad Managers, Good Managers, and Great Managers Do

Author Mark Graban talks about his time at General Motors and elaborates on the Lean Management style.

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