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Ten habits of bad management

By | Andre de Waal

If you’re looking to run a high-performance organization, you need to be able to be able to recognize the signs of bad management. If low-performing managers are not dealt with, an organization will never be able to become excellent. Here are ten habits to look out for that no organization should put up with:

Bad managers clean up the mess of their predecessors – even when there is no mess.

When appointed in a new position, the bad manager claims that the predecessor has made such a big mess of the department that it will take at least one year, if not more, to get everything in order, and of course the bad manager cannot possibly work yet on achieving the departmental targets this year…maybe next year too.

Bad managers are always busy, busy, busy

They are involved in many, many projects; in fact, they’re so busy that there isn’t enough time to work on regular tasks! And because these projects are vital for the success of the organization (or so they say), bad managers cannot possibly be expected to work on their departmental targets. They will get to that when their other projects are finished…which they never are.

Bad managers know how to play the goals game

They know that departmental goals should be loose, with lots of slack, which means the targets will be very easy to achieve. Bad managers will never get optimal results from their departments; but that doesn’t matter to them, bad managers would rather have low performance than run the risk of punishment for falling short of ambitious targets.

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