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Ten Management Mistakes that will Kill Your Team’s Motivation

Source | Liz Ryan |Contributor

Dear Liz,

Last week two of my Marketing team members made a presentation to me and a group of other managers in our company.

They presented their content plan for our annual customer appreciation event, which is taking place next month.

We finalized the logistics side of the event months ago.

At last week’s meeting we finalized the presentations, award ceremony and other activities that will make up the customer appreciation day programming.

The meeting was excellent.

 “Amy” and “Josh,” the two team members who designed the plan and presented it, did a tremendous job. My fellow managers and I complimented them on their work.

Amy and Josh took the lead on this event and put an excellent program together.

I am confident the event is going to be a big success.

After the meeting I went back to my office.

 “Laurie,” another employee on my team, came into my office and asked to speak with me privately. She looked concerned.

I said “Let’s talk. What’s up?”

Laurie sat down and told me what was on her mind.

Laurie said she was concerned because she had worked hard on the customer appreciation event planning also but wasn’t getting credit for her work.

I told her that I didn’t have a great handle on exactly who did what but that I appreciated her efforts. Laurie was upset.

She said that Amy and Josh were taking all the credit for  her work.

She said she hadn’t been invited to attend the customer appreciation event, and she felt very unappreciated herself.

I said “Laurie, I hope you will come to the event. It would be great to have you there. We can always use more hands at that event and I know you’ll be a big help.”

Laurie left my office beaming.

Ten minutes later Josh, Amy and three of my other employees were standing in my office with stony faces.

The good news is that I have good relationships with my team members. They tell me when I mess up. They were furious with me.

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