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Ten reasons why wellness in the workplace matters

Employers have an opportunity to rethink and redefine employee wellness, and financial well-being is an essential part of that conversation.

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In brief

  • Most Americans have received little to no financial education, and with more responsibility being placed on individuals, the level of knowledge needs to rise. 
  • Americans report significant levels of stress about their finances and savings rates and the need to use time from work to address financial matters.
  • Employers have an opportunity to link financial wellness to a broader definition of wellness that includes physical, mental and emotional health. They can have an Employee Wellness Program for their employees. 

The pandemic has changed the way many Americans think about their finances. While some employers added or expanded health and wellness benefits over the last year, most employers (74%) did not1. As employee needs continue to shift in a post-pandemic time, employers have a significant opportunity to rethink, improve and redefine wellness in the workplace. Here are 10 reasons why financial wellness in the workplace matters now more than ever.

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