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Ten Rude And Unprofessional Things Job Interviewers Do

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

If you conduct a Google search on the term “job interview mistakes” you’ll find millions of search results. Everybody and their brother has advice for job-seekers, but what about the interviewer on the other side of the desk?

I am an HR leader who’s been in the field since Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were battling it out for control of the pop charts. Most of the interviewing mistakes I’ve seen were mistakes on the interviewer’s part, not the job-seeker’s part.

You have probably run into several if not most of these interviewing mistakes as a job-seeker yourself. Here are the ten most common missteps job interviewers make when they’re interviewing job-seekers:

Leave You Waiting In The Lobby Or A Conference Room Forever

Anyone can understand how an interviewer could be tied up and arrive five minutes late to fetch you from the lobby on the day of your job interview, or be interrupted and leave you sitting in a conference room or someone’s office for a minute or two.

If you are stuck waiting for an interviewer for 20 minutes, you have to ask, “Do I really want to work for these people?” Even more important than the wait itself is the interviewer’s reaction to leaving you stranded.

If he or she apologizes, that’s a good thing. If the interviewer expects you to wait for hours between interviews, you already know that you’ll hate the job if you take it.

Come To The Job Interview Unprepared

Some people interview candidates all day long as part of their job. These are the people you would expect to know that you have to read a candidate’s resume before you meet him or her, but sadly, a lot of interviewers don’t take the time.

They’ve had your resume for weeks, but the minute they sit down in the chair they’ll say, “Walk me through your resume.” They have no questions about your background because they’ve never given it a moment’s thought. This is a big red flag!

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