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Ten Rude Things Never To Do At Work

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t know the rules of workplace etiquette. Where would you learn the rules? They are seldom taught in school. If we are lucky our parents and grandparents teach us. Otherwise we risk looking and feeling impolite and out of place. Sometimes we only realize that we’re doing something impolite when we notice the looks on our coworkers’ faces.

Here are 10 terribly impolite things that happen at work, but shouldn’t. Don’t be the perpetrator of any of these workplace gaffes. Your coworkers will thank you and your professional ambitions will not be blunted when you watch your business manners!

10 Rude Things Never To Do At Work

1. Participate in a loud mobile-phone conversation while walking down a hallway, thus interrupting dozens of people in their work.

2. Chew ice, slurp coffee or otherwise eat or drink loudly or obtrusively whether you’re in your cubicle, in a conference room or anywhere else.

3. Work out via a lunchtime bike ride or run and then go back to work without washing up.

4. Get into an argument on the phone and force your teammates to listen to it.

5. Apply or remove nail polish at your desk. Some people are allergic to the chemicals in nail polish and polish remover — and that goes for cologne, after shave and perfume, too!

6. Try to engage one co-worker in a conversation focused on bashing another co-worker.

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