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Ten Signs Your Boss Appreciates You — And Ten Signs They Don’t

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan 

Dear Liz,

I value your advice very highly. I am at a crossroads.

I’ve been in my job for four years but it feels like much longer. I was happy to get a “stable” job because until I got this job I was stuck in menial positions. Finally I got a chance to do something responsible here and it’s been great to stretch myself.

I work for an international consulting firm.

Two of them have been especially complimentary and told me that if I ever want to leave the consulting firm, I should let them know because they would hire me. That is really flattering.

My job classification is much lower than the actual work I do. I’m a Coordinator and according to the job description, I’m supposed to maintain files, create consulting contracts and help with events.

I do all that but I also consult on-site, create project plans and budgets, and lots more.

My salary is $48,000 after four years on the job.

I know I could earn a lot more money working for one of my clients, or maybe working somewhere else. I have tons of experience in project management, budgeting, managing people, event planning, faciliation and strategic planning.

I have even sold consulting projects by myself.

It’s been a fantastic learning experience but I also feel taken for granted.

I contacted my manager at his home over the weekend a few months ago because there was a crisis at one of our client firms and the VP of HR called me. We had to respond right away.

My manager told me to do whatever the client wanted me to do, and I did.

I went to the client site and helped organize about twenty management and non-management employees to handle the immediate crisis. My manager never checked in with me once.

The whole group of us went home exhausted that night (a Saturday) and on Monday morning when I tried to update my manager, he said “I’m sure you did a great job handling that issue — but I have a busy morning.

I’ll hear about it later.” Then he never asked me what happened or how I responded.

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