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Ten Signs You’re A Crisis Junkie

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

What  kid grows up without dreams of becoming a super hero or doing other great things? Kids have big dreams and it’s a good thing they do. It is wonderful to want to be useful and save the day when things are going wrong at work.

The problem is that some people can only function in crisis mode. The rest of the time they sit and stare at the red phone on the desk, waiting for the next opportunity to spring into action. They are dying to rise up to their super hero form. It is hard for them to modulate their working style for non-crisis situations.

Some people get a major buzz from swooping in to solve a crisis or avert disaster. That is not a bad trait. Everyone  likes to be a hero. What can go wrong is that a person who thrives on crises can turn a non-crisis situation into an emergency just to make their day a little jazzier.

True crisis junkies justify any lapse in responsibility to others as a necessary response to a crisis. They’ll say “Yes, I know I ignored your six texts and I missed the meeting  without telling you guys, but did you hear what was happening with our biggest distributor in Sweden? They needed me on that, man. No one else can do my job!”


Yeah, yeah — we’ve heard it all before. No one else can do your job. Is that a good thing? A true  leader builds a team. Maybe no one can do every bit of a leader’s job but a lot of people can do a lot of its parts. It’s not praiseworthy or noble to leave your co-workers in the lurch.

Another problem crisis junkies and their teammates experience is that for a person who lives for a crisis and merely survives at other times, the boring work that will prevent the next crisis never rises to the level of a true priority. Crisis junkies are easily bored, like border collies. They need stimulation.

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