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Ten Things Only Bad Recruiters Say

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I know you say that we might have to kiss a lot of toads before we find the right recruiter, but I’m getting discouraged.

This morning a recruiter contacted me and asked me to call her at lunchtime — one hour later.


I thought that was rather presumptuous, but I was able to get out of the office and into my car at noon so I called her, even though our department was having a lunch meeting.

The recruiter’s first question was “What are you earning now?”

I said “I’m focusing on jobs that pay at least $65,000.”

She said “Oh, that’s the new answer candidates love to give me — it doesn’t matter, I’ll get your salary information later.”

Then she said “You’re asking for a high salary for someone your age.”

She didn’t know my age.

She might have guessed my age from my LinkedIn profile, but why is my age her business anyway?

I said “In  my industry that salary range is normal.”

She said “What do you consider your industry?”

I said “I’m an Associate in a consulting firm. Sixty-five thousand is low. I work for a smaller firm. I’m looking for the right leadership and culture as much as I am looking for the right salary. That’s why I’m willing to take a $65,000 job.”

She said “Send me your resume and I’ll take a look at it. I really don’t know your background.”

That blew my mind. Why did she call me if she hadn’t looked at my LinkedIn profile in any depth?

My LinkedIn profile is identical to my resume.

Why are recruiters so rude to job-seekers?

Thanks Liz,


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