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Ten Things Never, Ever To Do At Work

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Since I became a manager I have always suggested to my teammates that when they get to work, they should take care of their personal business first.

Almost everybody has a phone call they have to make to take care of a non-work issue during the day. It’s better to get those quick to-do items over with first thing in the morning, so you can focus on your work once your personal checklist activities are done.

If you take a couple of minutes as soon as you get to work to call your kid’s school, schedule a doctor’s appointment or do whatever else you need to do that can’t be done at night, then you’ll relax. Your brain will be clear and ready to dig into your job.

The workday and the rest of our lives have melded into one glob, but there are still certain things it’s never a good idea to do at work. Your professional reputation is important.

Technology makes it easier all the time to attend to personal obligations no matter where we are — for instance, you can pay your bills from your phone in a few seconds — but that doesn’t mean your co-workers want to be involved in every aspect of your private life, or have it thrust in their faces.

Here are 10 things never to do at work.

Buy And Sell Products

You might sell cosmetics as a part-time business or you may have a motorcycle for sale. Some companies provide internal discussion communities where employees can buy and sell things, but the actual negotiations should take place when you’re not at your desk. It’s impolite to your co-workers and less than professional in general to buy and sell products on the job.

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