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Ten Things Never To Do In A Staff Meeting

Source | Forbes : By Lizz Ryan

People complain about business meetings, but they are part of nearly every white-collar job. It’s hard enough to remember all the meetings your job requires and to find time for the pre-meeting preparation you have to do.

It’s worse when your colleagues forget their business manners and make the staff-meeting mistakes listed here!

Watch out for these ten staff meeting “Don’ts!” and your team members will appreciate you even more than they already do.


Don’t bring a pile of papers to go through or a document-assembly project with you into a meeting. Don’t read your mail on your phone while you’re in a meeting. It’s rude to give your attention to something else apart from the topics and participants in your current meeting. Save the rest of your work for another time!

Bring Your Lunch To A Non-Lunch Meeting

Don’t bring food into a meeting unless your team has a well-established norm of doing that or the meeting is billed as a brown-bag occasion.

Hold A Side Conversation

It’s impolite to conduct a side conversation while your teammates are trying to conduct a meeting. Save your funny asides to share with your friend after the meeting — not while it’s going on.

Get Up And Leave

If you are planning to leave a meeting before it’s over, let everyone else know that in advance. Let them know why you’re leaving and when. It’s not polite to say, “Let’s handle agenda items one, three and five first, because I need to leave in a few minutes.” That can make your teammates feel like they are chopped liver in your eyes. Schedule your day so that you can attend the meetings you need to attend without ducking out in mid-conversation.

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