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Ten Things That Are Way Worse Than Getting Fired

Source | | Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I took a new job reluctantly seven months ago. I had a feeling it was not a good place to work but I was desperate. Things didn’t start out that well. I had no desk for the first week. I sat in the conference room and when there was a meeting scheduled, I had to wander the halls until the meeting was over. I sat in the break room and tried to work, using my own laptop.

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Eventually I got a desk and a computer but things have not gotten better. My boss “Jane” alternates between ignoring me (sometimes for weeks) and yelling at me. She is abusive to her staff and even the VP she reports to is afraid of her. He won’t confront her. He tries to placate her when she flies off the handle, I guess because he doesn’t have anybody to replace her.

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