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Ten Things Your Boss Doesn’t Need To Know About You

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan


Dear Liz,

I messed up. I told my boss that I wanted to start my own business within a couple of years. I am a graphic designer and I know I could make more money and have more flexibility working for myself.

I should have kept my mouth shut. My boss is a decent person but she is just as fearful as the other fearful managers you write about.

My boss ratted me out to our Division VP when they decided to re-organize. I just found out last week that my full-time job for the past four years is about to become a half-time job with no benefits.

I can “take it or leave it.” I can’t afford to work part-time. I have to get a new job or take the plunge into independent consulting.

My boss said “Since you had plans to start your own business anyway, having a half-time client will be a great way to get started!”

Now I know that just because a manager is a nice person when she’s with you doesn’t mean she is trustworthy when she’s not with you and she’s also under pressure to save money. She threw me under the bus, but I gave her the means to do so.

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