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Ten Unmistakable Signs You’re Ready For A Promotion

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree a year ago. I applied for a full-time job at my university and I got it.

I was ecstatic to get the job. It’s been a great first job for a new grad but it’s not rewarding anymore.


I work in Student Services. I make sure conference rooms are set up for meetings, look after catering, see that our custodial staff cleans up after meetings and lots more. I’m always running around, but I like to stay busy. At the same time, I’m not using my brain.

It’s basically a clerical job with a physical aspect. I end up carrying a lot of trays of bagels, fixing balky slide projectors and making paper signs to direct people to the right conference room when our printers aren’t working.

My boss is a woman who graduated four years ahead of me. She had my job for three years. She got promoted a year ago and I was her first new hire. She’s a great trainer, but I’m totally over the job.

There’s no way I want to stay here another two years waiting to get promoted, and even if I were to get promoted today I’m not interested in doing my boss’s job.

She does the same things I do but for a much larger group of people and more buildings. She also has to manage a budget and deal with a lot more university red tape than I do — and I have enough red tape to deal with as it is!

There are other positions in the university that I could apply for, but I need to get off this campus.

I went to this school for four years. It was my whole life.

Now I’ve been here as an employee for another year and once again, this school is my whole life. I want to branch out. I want to move to the city and get an apartment with some friends of mine.

I’m ready for a step up, but I don’t see a step up here in my current workplace that looks appealing. What should I do?



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