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Ten Ways Employers Screen Out The Best Candidates

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Too many working people have the same story to tell; when I meet them in my travels, they say “I like my job, but my company would never have hired me if they knew how I think and what I believe.” These folks have to play a part at work just to fit in with their co-workers.

I used to tell my boss “If you want me to play a character that isn’t  really me, I’ll do it — but in that case I need an Actor’s Equity card!” Most of us play various roles at work, depending on the situation. We hope that at the end of a day or week we can look back and feel that our true self came out at least a majority of the time we were working.

A paycheck is not enough to justify hiding who you are.

Sadly, a lot of employers screen out applicants with any hint of creativity,  out-of-the-box thinking or a non-standard approach to their careers. Too many employers seek out drones and zombies to fill their open positions. Drones and zombies, of course, are regular people who are beaten down. They don’t trust their instincts anymore.

They been trained to keep their wacky sense of humor, their unique perspective on things and their true personality under wraps. I hope they come back to their human form when they get home from work!

Here are ten ways employers screen out the very candidates who could help them climb out of the 20th-century mindset that doesn’t work anymore.

Ten Ways Employers Screen Out The Best Candidates 

1. Employers begin the screening-out process by writing dismally grey and boring job ads that harp about what the Ideal Candidate needs to bring to the relationship — but say nothing at all about why a sharp and talented person might be interested in the job. That is the first way most employers fail in their recruiting efforts!

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