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The #1 Thing Employees Want Their Bosses to Improve Immediately

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By Maria Gamb

The team energetically tumbled into the room. Together they will detail out the next project and forge full steam ahead. The leader enters the room and holds a 15-minute conversation on the agenda for the upcoming Monday morning meeting and nothing more. He smiles, thanks everyone for coming, while exiting the room, his texting thumbs are racing along on his phone.

The team looks at each other bewildered. One mutters under their breath, “So much for communication.” The colleague to his right raises his eyebrow. Another does what she can to find focus for the group by recapping what they do know thus far. The team does its best to piece together the project and create their own plan. They’re a capable and resourceful group, however, some key directions are missing.

Has this happened in your workplace? Do you often feel like there’s a communication disconnect, often? Managers and leaders wonder why their teams aren’t following their directives. And the team wonders why the managers and leaders are expecting them to meet expectations they’ve never articulated in a clear, concise manner. Or in a too-late-manner. Even with our digital connectivity, communication continues to be a pain point within many organizations.

I don’t believe this a fiendish plot to make things harder for the team. However, I have observed that leaders can sometimes forget that they either haven’t clearly communicated to their team, or they feel their teams should just figure it out. Somehow we’ve lost sight of the fact that communication is a foundational building block for trust and continuity within any organization or relationship, for that matter.

Communicating well with the others in the organization is a key component to bringing everyone along on the same journey. Silence may be golden, but clarity is king. Employees want more and better communications from their leadership teams. Creating engagement to form relationships creates an inclusive culture.

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