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The 10 Fastest Growing Skills in HR

By | Anthony Santa Maria |

The pandemic ushered in a new slew of tasks and problems for HR to solve. And with them came a major pivot for the function as a whole. HR is shedding its reputation as a compliance-driven department as more people understand what HR pros have known all along: business results require people-centric solutions.

Think about it: HR’s job is to hire the best people, engage and retain those people, and ensure they work well together. Imagine how different it looks to perform each of those individual functions now, compared to even just a few years ago. 

Evolving needs call for evolving HR skill sets

To perform their many roles simultaneously, HR pros need to adapt to a world that’s rapidly changing. That means constantly learning and incorporating new skills to handle new expectations, regulations, and responsibilities, while continuing to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

Luckily, while demands are higher than ever, HR professionals also have more resources at their disposal than ever. Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed an influx of technology solutions that HR pros are leveraging to upskill and reskill their entire workforce, including themselves. Our highly connected digital world provides new ways for HR to go open source and share information and best practices.  

We pulled LinkedIn Talent Insights data to identify the 10 skills HR pros have been most interested in acquiring over the past year. 

Sharpen these skills with LinkedIn Learning courses to lead your organization through an uncertain and ever-changing world. 

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