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The 10 Future-Forward Commandments

By | Adil Malia |

Take-aways from ‘The Economic Times HR’ – Gear-up For Talent 5.0 Seminar – May 4

*Future belongs to those who always are fast forward

* Future uncertainties are faced best by leadership that is agile and anti-fragile.

* Survival of the fittest is a bygone adage. Survival of the Learner is the only way-forward.

* New platforms will keep emerging. Organisations need to understand what most efficiently services their value chain and invest in those technologies.

* There is no one technology which can be labelled as ‘future’. Future in not a destination but a direction. Evermoving – everchanging.

* Befriend Future. It is not something to be feared.

* Jobs that are engaged in doing process or procedural work will be taken over by algorithms / AI . Jobs that deal with Empathy and require human sensitivity will ever continue to grow and be more in demand.

* Get right men first and let them opt for the right technology. Do vice-versa and the results will be far delayed.

* Future is not a one step move. It is a never ending ‘Kadam-tal’ of steps.

* Ability to stay positive despite all uncertainties and set-backs will be the critical determinant of success

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