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The 10 most in-demand IT jobs in finance

From software engineers to data scientists, these 10 sought-after IT roles are revamping the US financial industry through digital services, sophisticated anti-fraud measures, and more

By | Sarah K. White |

The US financial services industry has fully embraced a move to the cloud, driving a demand for tech skills such as AWS and automation, as well as Python for data analytics, Java for developing consumer-facing apps, and SQL for database work.

The push is part of an industrywide trend toward making banking more accessible by giving customers better access to savings accounts, investments, and loans through digital services, according to careers website New technologies, such as cryptocurrency and digital banking, have the potential to bridge opportunity gaps in financial services that have existed for decades. But financial services companies need skilled IT professionals to help manage the integration of new and emerging technology, while modernizing legacy finance tech.

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As demand for tech skills grows in the finance industry, certain IT jobs are becoming more sought-after than others. If you’re an IT pro looking to break into the finance industry, or a finance IT leader wanting to know where hiring will be most competitive, here are the top 10 in-demand tech jobs in finance, according to data from Dice.

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