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The 10 most innovative finance companies of 2020

This year’s honorees include Brex, Carta, Rally, and Kin Insurance


This year almost all of our finance honorees are serving other businesses, rather than consumers. While consumer-facing finance feels increasingly commoditized, from banking to trading, B2B finance is thriving as it transforms legacy systems, use case by use case. We expect to see more exits like Plaid’s blockbuster $5.3 billion sale to Visa in the year ahead.


For rewarding startups with a credit card tailored to their needs

Brex extends credit to startups by looking at their venture funding and real-time sales revenue—not at the personal credit scores of their founders. Like Stripe before it, Brex is betting on growing as its startup customers grow and scale.


For facilitating the rise of private markets

Managing share ownership gets complicated as startups add employees and defer IPOs. Enter Carta, which offers founders, investors, and—perhaps most importantly—employees tools for tracking the value of their equity. The result: public markets-style transparency for anyone betting their future on a Silicon Valley unicorn.

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