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The 10 Steps of Employee Engagement by Bob Kelleher 2017

Acclaimed author and speaker Bob Kelleher ( creator of the hit video Who’s Sinking Your Boat?) – delivers a dynamic presentation of his acclaimed 10 Steps of Employee Engagement keynote, from his best selling book, Louder Than Words: 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps… that Drive Results!


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  1. Bob, I am originally from Cambridge, MA.. I am researching Employee Engagement and came across your name. I thought- this has to be a Boston Guy.. So as soon as I hear you say " half" (HAAAHHFF) I had to stop and say hi!! I miss the Accent – makes me feel like I am back at Fenway.. — Thanks for the greAt content. I am learning a lot. Would love to hear your feedback. We are releasing a set of web tools To Public Beta Release in June 2017…surrounding corporate alignment and employee engagement. Thanks again for the fantastic content.

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