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The 13 Things That ‘Horrify’ Introverts the Most

By | Natalia Lusinski |

For introverts, these things are “terrifying” all year long, not just on Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, it’s time for ghosts, goblins, and all-things-scary. But for introverts, some things are scary year-round — small talk, anyone? — not just on October 31.

After all, many introverts would probably prefer their coveted alone time instead of the doorbell ringing every few minutes with trick-or-treaters, a new masked stranger appearing each time, some even making small talk.

Just for fun, we decided to ask some introverts what they find most “horrifying,” and here’s what they had to say. Maybe you’ll agree? Or maybe the responses will stir up your own introvert fears?

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