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The 3 ‘biggest mistakes’ companies make with return to office, according to Google’s head of Workspace

By | Morgan Smith |

Google employees returned to the office this week after more than two years of remote work and changing plans about when – and how – to bring people back.  

The tech behemoth joins a growing list of companies bringing workers back on-site this spring that includes Meta, American Express and Apple. Google’s new hybrid work arrangement requires most employees to be in the office at least three days per week, with the other two days spent working remotely. 

Javier Soltero, the vice president and general manager of Google Workspace, has been looking forward to the return for months. “I’ve missed working alongside people,” he tells CNBC Make It. “There’s a certain joy and sense of optimism I feel coming back.” 

There’s the practical benefits of returning to the office, too: Soltero joined Google in October 2019, five months before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Between the holidays and business travel, I didn’t have the chance to really meet and build strong connections with the people on my team,” he says. “I hardly even know where the bathroom was!” 

Soltero is planning to be in the office at least two days a week – and while he’s excited about Google’s hybrid work arrangement, he notes that companies can get “a lot wrong” while initiating their return to the office. 

Here are the three “biggest mistakes” Soltero recommends leaders avoid: 

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