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The 5 Best Subscription Boxes To Try In 2022

By | Rebecca Siggers

As a parent, you want to encourage your child to explore and learn. Various adventures can teach your kid life skills and self-reliance while building their confidence. The best way to achieve your mission is to allow your son to try outdoor activities, educational challenges, and meaningful experiences. Subscription boxes can help you get there. But which is the best one for your children?

Defining your child’s needs will help you find a viable subscription box for their experience. Some are ideal for indoor activities, while others match outdoor adventures and educational progress. Work out how you want your kids to explore new skills, experiences, and knowledge, and pick the subscription box that best matches their needs.

Here are the five best subscription boxes for your kids to try new ideas for 2022.

1. Wanlow – Get Outside

Outdoor adventures are an effective way to teach children life skills with real-life experiences. Exposure to nature in all its forms boosts creativity and imagination. Wanlow subscription box offers engaging outdoor projects to inspire their learning. It blends games and various activities to make learning fun and engaging. The package enhances learning about plants, animals, and astronomy, among other subjects. That encourages them to explore nature during your trips.

Each month, you will receive a bundle containing games, educational material, and activity products from the Best Outdoor Monthly Subscription Boxes for kids. Unique supplies ensure you can engage your kids in numerous activities to diversify their learning, fun, and exploration adventure. The packages suit children between six and 11 years. Let them improve their skills as they have fun.

As a first-time subscriber, you will receive a welcome box containing everything your child needs for outdoor discovery. It also includes a guide to help them make the best out of the activities and the products. Your order renews monthly for $49.99, with free shipping across the US. Also, you can pause, cancel, or resume at your convenience.

2. KiwiCo Kiwi Crate – Science Projects at Home

Children must use their minds and hands creatively to enhance their development process. Self-expression through craft and art helps them grow with confidence. KiwiCo is an excellent platform for children that offers monthly subscription boxes to get your little one engaged when you are away.

The boxes contain fun and educational activities based on age. Kids also get to learn new things from each aggregated box from KiwiCo. Besides, each subscription box will include tools and supplies to help them explore the world around them. It offers a variety of activities like STEM projects and creativity boxes. Ensure they get the best from each box by guiding them when necessary.

3. Bitsbox – Coding for Kids

Computer Science is a revolutionary subject for future generations. Bitsbox offers programming and coding classes for kids to help them set the correct foundation in computer science. The box contains interactive projects tailored to children. Every month the kids will receive an activity involving various app-building projects.

The company uses its website to host the projects kids work on, making it easier for them to understand and use every package. Also, the website offers extra tools for parents to help their children in their coding journey. The price begins at $16.95 per month. It also contains guidelines for parents to help their children on their coding journey. There is no need to take a programming course before ordering.

4. Little Passports – Educational Activity Kits

Kids learning various activities achieve better results if they apply what they have learned. Little Passports offers a monthly subscription box for kids of diverse ages. It allows your child to explore various disciplines to enhance their skills and knowledge.

The supply helps kids to study science, geography, technology, and culture. It also contains fun activities to help them apply what they learned over the month. The kitchen package helps your child learn cooking, while the space helps them grasp information about the universe and space. Also, each of these has a helpful guide for parents on how to use them effectively.

5. Literati – Kids Book Clubs

Reading is a beneficial activity for kids, and the Literati Book Club encourages them to explore their reading experience. It allows your child to develop a passion for books by curating books and activities every month. The platform has various packages that suit children aged 12 and younger.

You will also find a collection for teens (13+ years). The package includes five books tailored to your child’s reading ability and preferences. Your child will read the books through the week, return them, and get a new set for another week. You can keep a book you want the child to own and pay for it separately. The subscription package starts at $9.95 per month. You can also skip some months or cancel at will.

Summing Up

Your duty as a parent is to help your child explore their world using various activities. The best subscription boxes above allow your child to engage in educational, creative, and adventurous projects from the comfort of their home. Others encourage them to engage in outdoor activities and explore the world. With these boxes, you can trust that your kid will gain more knowledge and skills from each box they receive. Give them a chance to enhance their learning abilities.

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