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The 5 Stages Of Growing Your Influence To A Celebrity Authority

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Influence is the “currency” of the digital age. You will be able to impact more people if you have the power to influence them. In this podcast, I detail out the 5 stages of growing your influence.

What’s Covered In This Podcast

  1. Who are the two types of influencers?
  2. The difference between entertainers & educators
  3. Why generalists cannot really influence people?
  4. What’s the definition of a specialist and to what level can they influence people?
  5. Who called be called an authority – in the digital age?
  6. How to reach celebrity status and what’s the kind of influence?
  7. Who exactly is a celebrity authority and how can they influence the masses?
  8. How to build your influence from being a specialist to celebrity authority?

The Next Step To Growing Your Influence

Influence building is an art & science.

After having studied various global influencers over the years, I have crystallised this into a formula called the Freedom Business Model.

If you want to learn more about this, then register for my upcoming webinar.


In the LIVE session, I will talk about the 5 levels of expert positioning and how you can take your knowledge and convert them into irresistible info products and digital coaching systems.

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