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The 5A’s of Modern Talent Expert

Source | LinkedIn : By Aravind Warrier

Over the past ten years, talent acquisition function has experienced more change than in the previous 30 years. The best talent acquisition experts are the ones who have become trusted partners to their organizations and have a seat at the table where company strategies are devised. So what is modern talent acquisition? Modern talent acquisition is something which combines different disciplines of modern management.

Modern Talent acquisition expert is one who imbibes and wears multiple hats as per the context and opportunity extended.

1. Aligner: Like marriage proposals, aligners help in setting or building innate relationship company and candidates. They understand and are passionate in building networks and try to align /integrate/tie organizations expectations (*Culture – Norms/Values/Attitude/Behavior/Management Style (*Leadership Style)/Artifacts) to that of candidates personality. The building block of success is to align company expectations (*Culture) in terms of role to that of Candidate’s competencies and capabilities.

2. Advocator: The modern talent expert thinks and acts like the way marketers think about products and services which they sell. They are adept in crafting and designing right experience for right audience. The real challenge lies in coming out with a challenging employer value proposition (*EVP- Rewards & Recognition/Opportunity to contribute/Opportunity to Grow/Work aspects/Work Life balance/ Team) and employer brand which becomes the real enticing factors to get the competitive advantage among competitors.

3. Achiever: Their expertise lies in building leads and closing deals with excellent negotiation and persuasion. They instill best networking and negotiation skills to bring in win-win situation. They mix of 2 main drivers – need for achievement and need for affiliation gives them “go-getter” advantage.

4. Advice-giver: As part of Center of excellence, they are seen as trusted advisors and think tanks to the business, they contribute and bring in new ideas to the table regardless of the titles they carry. They keep the management updated on latest trends within and outside their industry. They ensure they benchmark best practices and ensure their company gets competitive advantage by applying latest and updated practices in industry.

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