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The 6 Best AI Tools for Researchers and Teachers

Artificial intelligence can, when used correctly, offer several benefits for researchers and teachers. Here are some tools to help with your efforts


Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the education industry. If you’re a teacher or researcher, using AI tools will significantly improve your workflow. From generating lesson plans to looking for journals to cite, AI can help you work faster and give you time for other priorities.

With the sudden popularity of AI, there’s an explosion of new and shiny AI research tools on the market. We’ve done the research for you, so you can focus on the best ones you can use right now.

1. Research Rabbit

Research Rabbit AI showing a collection of papers on Philippine Literature

Research Rabbit is a powerful AI research assistant that finds and organizes research papers for you and your collaborators. Enter a keyword or phrase, and Research Rabbit will return a list of relevant papers through Semantic Scholar or PubMed search.

After signing up, Research Rabbit will prompt you to search for a topic and add papers to a Collection. Once you’re done adding articles, you can rename your collection and send it to your co-researchers through email.

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