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The 6 habits that make you look like a high achiever to your manager, according to a CEO

By | Deborah Sweeney |

Have you ever wondered what kinds of habits high achievers have that allow them to stand out with management? These habits pave the road for employees to move up in their careers, grooming them to step into managerial roles.

What kinds of habits can an employee embrace to be seen as a high achiever? Let’s take a look at the habits you can implement now to stand out from the average employee.

1. Stand out for your ideas, not your kindness

Emily Howe, a corporate gender strategist and coach for ambitious women, wants women in the workplace to stop doing office housework. Ditch planning socials and circulating birthday cards in favor of using your time and energy for promotion-boosting tasks that can be added with pride on your resume.

“Trying to be nice in the workplace isn’t going to get you the promotion,” Howe says. “Strong, clear ideas will, such as participating in or taking charge of initiatives directly tied to business goals.”

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